• Soil Sample
  • Pre-Season Pre-emergent
  • Round 1 Fertilizer with pre-emergent
  • Round 2 Fertilizer with pre-emergent
  • Round 3 Fertilizer with insecticide (grub control)
  • Late Summer Entire Lawn Weed Control Treatment
  • Round 4 Fall Fertilizer
  • Aeration/Over-Seeding Service
  • Round 5 Fertilization (winterization)
  • Winter Weed Wipe-Out
Tiny Turf
Tall Turf
Total Turf
Individually purchased applications start at $65 for up to 7,500sq ft.

Additional Services

Available upon request, or on an as-needed basis

  • Soil Amendments – sulfur, lime, etc.
  • Slice-Seeding Services
  • Dormant Seeding (done during the winter season)
  • Additional Spot Spraying for Weeds
  • Complete Lawn Restoration Services (kill off the old, plant brand new)
  • Mosquito Treatments (4 per year)
  • Fungicide (Lawn Disease Control)
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