The Backflow Preventer

Most cities require backflow preventers when attaching irrigation systems to city resources. This is what one is, how we install it and how we maintain it.

Aqualon offers so much more…

Many of the services that we offer are connected to your lawn sprinkler system in one way or another, but we offer much more than just irrigation service and installation. We also offer mandated backflow preventer recertification.

What is a backflow preventer?

To prevent the return of chemicals to the water supply through sprinkler lines, cities and municipalities require a backflow preventer inspection. Our staff are qualified to check your system’s backflow. Once it passes inspection, we file the certificate that ensures your water department that the backflow is in proper working order.

It’s about trust

We have earned an A+ accreditation rating with the Better Business Bureau, but it is our long-lasting customer relationships and referrals that we regard as our highest compliment. Whether it’s preventive service or an emergency call, our professional certifications combined with decades of experience ensure that there is no lawn situation beyond our expertise.

Convenience and VIP care

For added peace of mind, we offer an annual pre-payment option for our residential and commercial customers, renewed yearly. Customers who choose this option receive the VIP treatment. The program includes:

  • Spring start up
  • Backflow preventer inspection
  • Mid-season check and cycle inspection
  • Winterization

Pre-pay program members also receive:

  • A discount on their yearly bill
  • Priority scheduling
  • Freeze guarantee*
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*If for any reason your equipment or devices freeze while you are in the pre-pay program, we will replace the frozen and damaged equipment for FREE.

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