Unwanted pests can put a damper on enjoying your outdoor space, and these tiny little pests can certainly pack a punch when it comes to damaging a yard.

As we all know, lawns are made up of grass, plants, trees, soil, and … the insects that feed off those elements. Insects are a natural part of being outdoors. However, if these critters are left untended, they can wreak major havoc on your lawn.

It’s important to monitor your landscaping closely when these pests arrive and exterminate the pests properly. At Aqualon, we provide services designed to reduce the damage to your lawn caused by grubs, crane flies, chinch bugs, billbugs, sod worms, larvae types, fleas, ticks, and other pests feeding above or below the surface.

Don’t wait for your minor problem to become a full-blown infestation. Get a quick and reliable service you need from the professionals at Aqualon.

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