Design and install

We map out the project scope, create the engineering document, identifying any landscape components in the design, and then the process for installation.

Home and business owners invest large amounts of time and money into landscaping. Your lawn says a lot about who you are and ideally presents an inviting appearance to passersby. Aqualon helps you to care for and protect that investment.

The Aqualon way

When customers choose to work with Aqualon, we help them through every step of the process and work in partnership towards a common goal. We strive to make your landscaping a source of pride.
We are certified in irrigation design as well as installation. Over the years, we have learned the ins and outs of irrigation systems from conservation-minded designs to the highest quality products.

Good preparation is key

Once you schedule an appointment, we arrive promptly at your home to meet with you personally. We talk with you to see what your goals for irrigation may be. Perhaps there is a section of the lawn that wilts and turns brown in the summer heat. Maybe there is a section that has so much shade that it never becomes green. Special concerns for your lawn including flower bed irrigation are all things we discuss with potential clients.

Designed to fit your needs… and budget

Next, we will go back and design a sprinkler system that custom fits your home or business. We will talk with you about how each aspect of the plan can fit into your budget for the project. We encourage customer feedback throughout the design process. If there is something you’d like to adjust or add, we are happy to customize our solutions to fit your needs. Our crew then comes out to your home or business to begin working on installing your custom irrigation system.

Respect for you and your property

Be assured that our crew will do their very best to see that the work is minimally invasive to your lawn and property. We are diligent and take extra care to be sure that the worksite is neat and tidy and that the customer is not inconvenienced during the installation process.

Any chance you have a dog?

Invisible dog fences usually are installed along the perimeter of your property right next to the sprinkler lines. If you have a dog and are considering an invisible fence, why not consider having it installed simultaneously with your sprinklers? Repairs to existing dog fences are also available.

Knowledge is power

Once the installation is complete, we will return to meet with you. We will go through the entire system with you and explain exactly how it works. All of our new installations come with a ten-year warranty on parts as well as service.

Protect your investment with regular maintenance

As always, we are happy to maintain the system for you with one of our helpful plans or you have the option to customize your own service plan as a follow-up to our installation. If you should ever have any questions about your custom system, do not hesitate to call. We are happy to explain any features that you may have.

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