Just like hoses attached to the house, irrigation systems need to be dealt with prior to that first hard freeze. This is what we will do…

Winter is coming…

Just like garden hoses attached to the house, irrigation systems need to be dealt with prior to the first hard freeze. Keep your irrigation system properly maintained with Aqualon’s winterization services.

Does the irrigation system in your new home or office need attention? Perhaps you have recently moved into your current home or office and wonder about the condition of the irrigation system. Or maybe last season, you noticed that one area of your lawn seemed over watered and you worry there’s a leak? We recommend that you schedule a time to meet with us and go over your entire system. We can audit and reconfigure your system in a way that will save you money on your monthly water bill, conserve water, and ensure your system is properly winterized.

Yes, we service that brand

Our company is a select contractor with Rain Bird offering the highest quality products. In addition, we will service any sprinkler system, no matter the design or company. We answer both preventive service as well as calls regarding problems and emergencies. Our certifications combined with decades of experience ensure that there is no situation beyond our expertise. Winterize your parking lot and walkways, too Snow and ice are water. If it’s not removed, it’s going somewhere! For our business customers, in addition to winterization, we offer Commercial Snow Removal. Call us today for an estimate.

Convenience and VIP care

For added peace of mind, we offer an annual pre-payment option for our residential and commercial customers. Customers who choose this option receive the VIP treatment.

The year-round program includes:

  • Spring startup
  • Backflow preventer inspection
  • Mid-season check and cycle inspection
  • Winterization

Pre-pay program members also receive:

  • A discount on their yearly bill
  • Priority scheduling
  • Freeze guarantee*
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*If for any reason your equipment or devices freeze while you are in the pre-pay program, we will replace the frozen and damaged equipment for FREE.

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