Recycle the rain

If a business or a residence has a lot under-roof, they may benefit by collecting all that rainwater and using it to irrigate their lawn.

Turn a large roof into money savings on irrigation. Why pay for water that you can collect as it falls on your roof? Aqualon can create a system that will collect and distribute rainwater to keep your lawn lush and healthy. Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting is a technique through which rainwater is captured from the roof catchments and stored in reservoirs. Harvested rainwater can then be stored in sub-surface groundwater reservoirs by adopting artificial recharge techniques to meet the household needs through storage in tanks.

The Main Objective of rooftop rainwater harvesting is to make water available for future use.


Integrating your rainwater collection system with your irrigation, Aqualon creates a more efficient solution that not only decreases your water bill but eliminates problem washouts and wet spots in your lawn from air conditioning units and downspouts.

Our expertise

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