Overseeding may sound like something to avoid when landscaping on your own; however, Aqualon’s trained professionals know when it’s just the right time for slice seeding or overseeding a lawn.

What is Overseeding or Slice Seeding?

The processes for overseeding and slice seeding are very similar.

Overseeding is the process of spreading grass seed over an existing lawn, allowing new grass to grow alongside your original grass. The process is a proactive measure to prevent the thinning and wearing down of your lawn.

Slice seeding is a similar process – like an intense combination of aeration and overseeding in one service. In this method, a piece of machinery called a slice seeder makes deep slices into the ground, then grass seed is dropped into these slices. By doing this, the seed ends up directly in contact with the soil, where it will germinate best.

When should you overseed or slice seed a lawn?

As your grass ages, you will notice thinning and worn spots across your lawn. At this point, most homeowners attempt to resolve the problem by overseeding.

Overseeding or slice seeding should be a proactive attempt to maintain a lawn’s beauty, not to “fix” portions where a lawn is thinning or wearing out.

Our technicians know exactly what to look for when assessing the health of your lawn. If you think your lawn might be headed in an unsightly direction, please give us a call.

How Aqualon Can Help

While we do most of the work, we will lean on our customers to keep an eye out for new issues or concerns and a few small lawn care tasks.

We discuss ideas you have for your lawn, make a plan, prep the area for overseeing, correct any existing problems, apply the seed, and finally, fertilize the areas that were overseeded.

Moving forward, the Aqualon team will develop a comprehensive maintenance plan that includes diligent watering, mowing, and continued proactive overseeding.

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