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Aqualon’s Process of Overseeding Your Lawn

If your lawn is looking thin or worn, overseeding may help restore your yard to its original beauty.

Overseeding may sound a lot like something to avoid when tending to your lawn, but Aqualon’s landscaping professionals know overseeding is a part of a comprehensive and proactive approach.

What is overseeding?

Overseeding is the process of spreading grass seed over an existing lawn. As your grass ages, you will notice thinning and worn spots across your lawn. Overseeding allows new grass to grow alongside your original grass.

When homeowners notice their lawn is thinning, they overseed to correct the issue; however, sometimes their plans are more reactive than proactive. Our professional landscape designers overseed to prevent thinning instead of treating it. It’s a necessary process, but if done right, this plan can rejuvenate any worn out lawn.

What’s the process of overseeding?

As previously mentioned, Aqualon can overseed as we correct existing problems or changes in your current landscaping design.

Aqualon’s Process for Overseeding

While we do most of the work, we will lean on our customers to keep an eye out for new issues or concerns and a few small lawn care tasks.

  1. We will discuss your goals and any current issues that concern you about your existing lawn. At this time, we will also talk about how much “traffic” your lawn currently experiences, so you have a space that is ideal for your lifestyle.
  2. We will plan a time to overseed. Because grass types vary, especially in the Midwest, there are specific times of the year when overseeding is best “accepted” by the existing lawn and soil.
  3. We will prepare the area by mowing and removing any thatch and grass clippings so the new seed can contact the soil, as well as receive plenty of sunlight and water.
  4. We will correct the existing problems. If your lawn has troubles beyond regular thinning, our team will conduct a soil test. This helps us determine what corrective measures are necessary before beginning the overseeding process.
  5. We will apply the new seed to your existing lawn. Our team will spread the seed over your lawn when the weather and wind patterns are calm. This way, we can be sure the seed is distributed evenly.
  6. After seeding, we will fertilize the areas that received the new seed to be sure they receive the nutrients they need to produce beautiful fresh grass.

After the overseeding process is complete, your lawn will need consistent moisture and frequent waterings twice per day for the first few days. While we are happy to conduct this service for you, sometimes this is done best by the homeowners. This step is essential as it encourages healthy, deep roots to grow.

Moving forward, the Aqualon team will develop a comprehensive maintenance plan that includes diligent watering, mowing, and continued proactive overseeding.

If you are wondering if overseeding is right for your lawn, please give us a call. Aqualon’s team can keep your lawn looking its best.

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