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How to Prevent and Treat Lawn Diseases

Putting a stop to lawn diseases is vital to the overall health of your lawn.

We all want beautiful lawns, where each plant is meticulously pruned, the edges of the turf are razor trimmed, and the color is a lovely bright green! A beautifully designed lawn can make your home look better and increase its value.

Unfortunately, lawns can suffer from disease and harmful conditions, even with the best caretakers. Problems like weeds and lawn diseases can wreak havoc on a beautiful lawn you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Aqualon’s team of experts can help you through these concerns with a developed treatment plan to get rid of lawn diseases and prevent them from returning.

Lawn Diseases

Aside from weeds, lawn diseases can take a toll on a beautiful lawn. There are hundreds of lawn diseases, but the most common are below.

Five of the most common lawn diseases include:

  • Brown Patch – Brown patches are most common in the summer on cool-season grasses. They are large discolored patches that can grow several feet wide and caused by fungus in high temperatures. They look similar to “dead spots,” and you may be inclined to seed the area; if left untreated, the brown patches can kill large areas of grass quickly.
  • Dollar Spot – This disease can kill both warm-season and cool-season grass. This disease looks like white or beige “spots” on the grass blades in circles no more than 6 inches wide throughout the lawn.
  • Rust – As the name suggests, the yellowish discoloration on the grass blades will eventually turn to a rust color and cause the lawns to thin and die out. Warm-season grasses that are moist and low in nitrogen are most susceptible to this disease.
  • Leaf Spot – Most often during the summertime, this disease causes the roots of the grass to rot, leaving dark lesions on grass blades. As the weather warms and becomes drier, the infected areas will eventually die.
  • Fairy Ring – Perhaps the most recognizable, this “fairy ring” is a circular area of mushrooms, usually a few feet wide. This disease kills the grass inside of the ring by preventing water from reaching that portion of the lawn.

Lawn Disease Treatment and Prevention

The first step in treatment is to identify the problem affecting your grass. If you notice patches or sections of your yard with discoloration or spots, contact us immediately. It’s best to treat this problem before the disease spreads to other parts of your lawn.

Proper mowing, watering, and fertilizing will keep your lawn healthy and ward off disease and fungus. In some cases, many homeowners excessively water, seed, and fertilize, which can also damage your lawn.

A combination of treatments like irrigation, aeration, and fertilizing will bring your lawn back to life so you can have the yard you’ve always dreamed of.

If you suspect your turf is experiencing any of these issues, reach out to us. Let our team help you make the best and most beautiful decisions for your lawn.

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